I lost my car keys how do I get replacement keys

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How to get replacement keys

So you lost your car keys and have no extra ones laying around and I do mean I lost my keys. Hmmm I do believe that you are in trouble. So then you would need to come up with a plan for a set of replacement car keys. You say what I do?

I tell you what you do. You could either call a locksmith Edmonton and spend a small fortune or you could turn to your local dealer to help you fix your problem. You should call your local dealer to see what kind of credentials you would need to get a set of replacement car keys for car.

I am sure every car line is different such as Ford, Lexus, Toyota, Lincoln, Mazda & General Motors. Well I could tell you what you need to know about GM Cars being I have been a GM Parts specialist for the last 31 years.

So much to tell so where should I start? Well let’s start from the beginning. It all started around

1990 the manufactures started putting passlock theft deterrent chips in their keys. For GM it is a vats code 1-15, then in newer years like now we have a problem if your vehicle is equipped with a passlock theft deterrent system and you have no keys. You would have to have your vehicle towed to your local GM Dealership to have it programed to your new key. If you have a duplicate key, then no problem just head over to your local dealer to have them copy you a new key & your parts specialist will tell you how to program your new key to your vehicle. Your local GM Car Dealership Parts Specialist would be able to give you that information.

So what you say is you need to get a set of duplicate car keys in Edmonton for your vehicle. Well let me tell you. We need this information for proof of ownership per GM & the Federal Government. No info then no key, plain and simple.

1. Gather your car registration, vehicle title or insurance card. What we need here is your vehicles vin number, owners name & license plate number.

2. Photo Identification with the name and address matching your info on line 1.

3. Take the above information to your local GM Dealerships and request the replacement key or replacement keys. They should be able to do this while you wait. Hopefully you won’t have to have your vehicle towed to the dealer for programing.

4. The cost of this various from vehicle to vehicle. Should range anywhere from $80.00 – $550.00 from the dealer, with remotes being extra.

5. Hope this information helps you out. Need more info then call your local car dealership.

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