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24 Hour Locksmith Edmonton has a mobile service covering all Edmonton Alberta.


We have an emergency Edmonton locksmith to help people out of any situation regarding locks and keys.  We use only trade qualified locksmiths who are experts at unlocking doors and securing homes.

 If you have ever locked the keys inside your house or car then you will know that it never happens at an appropriate time.  It usually happens when we are busy doing other things such as moving house or getting the kids out the door to school.

Luckily we offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith Edmonton service to help out in such situations.  Our locksmiths are very well trained and able to open locks without doing damage to your door or lock.  The majority of locks we can open in a very short period of time.  If you have a high security lock, they can take a bit longer, but there are very few locks we cannot pick open.

We treat lock-out situations as very urgent and will prioritize your job above less urgent work.  A normal response time for us to get to you in a locked out situation is 20 minutes, depending on how many people we have lockedout at that time. (Yes, we do often get multiple people locking themselves out at the same time.)


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If your keys have been lost or stolen or if you have moved into a new house it is a good idea to get the locks changed.  Changing locks ensures all the keys that previously worked, will no longer open the door.  There are often situations where you need to lock somebody out.  Changing the locks will ensure their key will no longer work in the lock and they will not be able to reenter the property.

Often when changing locks it is only necessary torepin the existing locks in order to stop old keys from working.  When the lock has been repined, only the new key will work.  Repining is a lot like changing the combination of the lock to suit a new key.

Our locksmiths Edmonton carry a range of replacement locks and lock cylinders as well.  New locks and cylinders are used when the old lock has been broken or is worn out.  Some replacement cylinders are used when it is more cost effective to replace the cylinder then it is to repin the lock.

All Locks to work with the one key

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changing locks to the one key

There are few things worse than having a large number of keys on a key ring and having to try each one to open each door in a house.  It is so much simpler to have just one key to open all the locks.

If all your locks are of the same brand it is usually quite simple to alter the lock barrels to make them all work with the one key.  If there are different brands of locks it is still usually not too complicated to change them to the one key.  We stock a range of replacement lock barrels and cylinders that are specifically designed to accept a type of key that can be used throughout a home.

The types of locks in a home we can change to the one key include deadlocks, knob sets, lever handle locks, security doors, garage doors, padlocks, sliding doors and many more.

A frequently asked question regarding keys in homes is

“If I have one key for the whole house, what happens if I lose it?” 

Well it is much the same as if you were to lose a large bunch of keys.  Weather it is one key or a ring full you should get the locks changed if your keys and identity is lost or stolen.  Having all locks on the same key usually makes the changing of locks and key combinations much easier and can save money as no new locks or cylinders will be required.

Security Screen Locks

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Security Screen Door Lock

Security screens are an essential part of family homes in Edmonton.  While they help keep the flies and mosquitoes out of the house, we also rely on them for added security.  They help keep us safe inside and keep the unwanted guests outside.

There are quite a few different security door manufacturers and different types of mesh such as Aluminum mesh and stainless steel mesh.  As far as locks go on security doors there are two main types, sliding door locks and swinging door locks.  Nearly all security screen doors have interchangeable locks making replacement quite simple.

Security screens have the option for a triple lock to be installed.  The triple lock adds top and bottom locking bolts or catches to better secure the door.  Whit co are one of the largest manufacturers of security door locks.  Their security door locks have a safety snib on the inside of the door which gives a quick release when needed to escape.  Whitco security door locks can be deadlocked with the key so the door cannot be opened from either side.

Security screen door locks can be placed on the same key as many other locks in the house.  This will let the same key open the front door and the front security screen door.  Most security door locks are compatible with Lockwood and Whitco brands of locks. Call a locksmith Edmonton for work in all suburbs.


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Deadlocks add additional strength to a door and are used to stop attacks from various methods other locks are vulnerable to.

A Standard tubular deadlock throws a large bolt into the door frame.  The bolt is designed to securely lock into position and cannot be manipulated open.  Tubular locks complement locks with latches as some latch type locks can be opened with a credit card type attack which pulls back the latch.  Tubular deadlocks are either in the locked or unlocked state when in the unlocked position a lock with a latch is needed to keep the door closed.



A deadlatch can be a better option than a deadbolt.  A deadlatch has the same secure locking bolt or latch as well as the functionality of a latching lock.  When a deadlatch closes it latches shut.  This eliminates the need for an additional latch to be fitted.

Deadlatches are a very popular deadlocking lock as they can be fitted in place of less secure rim-latches.  Not only do they provide deadlocking capabilities, they also strengthen the frame of the door as they have a superior strike and fitting method.  A Edmonton Locksmith can help you choose the best deadlatch for your door.

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Edmonton Deadlock

Deadlocks are also available that positively lock into a strike.  These are good against attacks which try to separate the door from the frame.

A positively locking deadlock is used on rebated doors and doors that are designed to separate.  Even if the flush bolts on a rebated door

are forced open a positively locked deadlock will not separate from its strike.
A positively locked deadlock can also be used on a sliding door.  They are preferred to other locking methods as the sliding door can be derailed from its tracks and the deadlock will not open.

Fire Door Locks

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Fire Rated Door Lock Edmonton

Apartments, flats, Units and multiple unit dwellings need to be compliant with fire and disability legislation.  The legislation regarding fire doors recently changed and all fire doors must now be inspected on a regular basis.

Fire doors can be very expensive and a replacement door can cost thousands of dollars.  Fitting a non compliant lock to a fire door can result in the door having to be replaced.  In fact all hardware fitted to a fire door has to have the correct fire rating for the particular door.

There are different types of fire doors such as fire exit doors, smoke doors and fire containment doors.  Most unit and apartment doors are fire containment doors.  Fire containment doors are designed to seal an apartment so as to contain a fire and not let it spread to the rest of the building.  A fire containment door on an apartment or unit is made from special fire resistant material and the door and door frame form a containment seal.

The locks and all door hardware is tested in a special fire testing laboratory to ensure it will work correctly in case of a real fire.  Most, if not all locks purchased from major hardware shops do not meet the testing standards and should not be fitted.  Handymen and other trades people are not permitted to repair or replace locks or door hardware on a fire door.  A locksmith Edmonton qualified to work on fire doors should always be used to repair or replace locks.

Garage doors Edmonton


Garage Door Lock Edmonton Call Now: 1-866-820-1331

There are three main types of garage doors seen in Edmonton Alberta.  They are tilt-a-doors, Roller doors and panel lift doors.  Panel lift doors are the most modern and being fitted to a majority of new houses and units.

Each type of garage door has a unique locking system. Tilt-a-doors and panel lift doors use a T-handle with a connecting wire catching system, while roller doors use a set of arms to lock the door. Generally garage doors need little maintenance.  A spray of lock lubricant in the keyhole does not hurt, especially if the door is exposed to the weather.

The standard locks in garage doors are for the most part very ordinary.  They generally have low pick resistance and most have very few actual key changes.  As they wear, keys from other doors can work in garage door locks when they should not.  Rekeying a worn garage door lock can have limited success.  It is a good idea to replace standard wafer garage door locks with better quality locks.  There are a large rang

e of higher quality replacement garage door locks available.  Most higher quality locks have a pin tumbler mechanism and will accept other higher security cylinders.  Pin tumbler garage door locks can be keyed alike to other doors in a house.  Keying alike all the locks in a house cuts down on your number of keys.

A lot of garage doors have a remote opening system.  Some brands of remote openers can be quickly programmed to accept a new remote or to delete all remotes if they need to be changed.  There are a number of remote control garage doors and gates that cannot have a new remote programmed in.  In many of these cases we can add a new remote through a reverse engineering process that can also remove lost or stolen remote controls.  In many situations we can add more than one garage or gate to the one remote control.

Sliding Glass Door Locks Edmonton

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Sliding Door Lock Edmonton

Sliding glass doors come with a lock mounted on the inside of the door frame.  The lock has a hook which catches into a strike mounted on the door frame.  These locks can be upgraded to a deadlocking version which has a better catching mechanism, a stronger strike and mountings.  The deadlocking of sliding doors not only prevents manipulation from jiggling the door or using a credit card type of attack. It also makes sure the catch will stay in the locked position until the key is turned.  Most deadlocking  sliding door locks also have a safety snib for when you are at home and do not want to be deadlocked inside.


Patio Bolt Edmontonlocksmith12 (5)

A patio bolt can be added to a sliding door for extra security.  The patio bolt is a key lockable bolt fitted to the sliding door frame which locks into the door frame.  They are either fitted on the side of the door or on the back of the door, depending on the doors’ construction.

A key lockable sliding door lock and a patio bolt can be make to work on the one key.  In many situations they can be keyed the same as other locks in the house and often you can have just one key for the entire house.

When you are going through the day the last thing you expect is that you are going to run into a locksmith emergency.  Your child may have closed the front door before you had a chance to grab the key. Your key may have broken off in the ignition. You may have locked your keys inside of your trunk. No matter what the locksmith emergency is, 24 hour Edmonton Locksmith has the most highly trained locksmiths in Edmonton, Alberta. to handle your emergency.

Call Now: 1-866-820-1331

Locksmith Edmonton offers many emergency locksmith services including:

  • 24 Hour Mobile Emergency Locksmith Services
  • Quick Response Time
  • Home, Automotive And Business Lockouts
  • Car Door & Trunk Opening
  • Deadbolt Repairs
  • Fire / Panic Button Repairs
  • Biometric Entry Systems Repairs
  • Emergency Key Extraction
  • Many Other Emergency Locksmith Services. Call Edmonton Locksmith For Details On Services Offered.

Edmonton Locksmith has technicians onsite and waiting to rescue you from your locksmith emergency 24/7. As soon as you determine you need a locksmith, call Edmonton Locksmith so that you can be back to your life quickly. For emergency locksmith services, Edmonton Locksmith will respond to your call within 15 minutes anywhere in Edmonton, AB or the surrounding area.
Edmonton Locksmith now to immediately assist you will your locksmith emergency. There is no reason for you to wait from a long period of time waiting for a locksmith to arrive. Edmonton Locksmith will arrive to your location fast!

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